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Business Workshop & Teleseminar Ads in

Have you been looking for a low-cost way to promote your workshops and teleclasses in front of lots of small business owners who are looking for events to attend? Place a text ad in and reach thousands of small business owners, business professionals, and entrepreneurs across Canada through your choice of 15 weekly regional issues of

Workshop & Teleseminar Ad Pricing & Guidelines

 Pricing for Workshop and Teleseminar Ads


Single insertion Up to 4 weeks

2 Insertions up to 8 weeks or 2 regions

3 insertions up to 12 weeks or 3 regions

1 year contract single region

Canada-wide Left Hand Side (3 months)

Canada-wide Left Hand Side (1 year contract)


no discount






Text workshop / teleseminar listing







Bordered, featured workshop/ teleseminar listing







Skyscraper & Text workshop/ teleseminar listing Left Hand Side







Guidelines for Workshop and Teleseminar Ads:

Click here for guidelines on Skyscraper & Text ads

  1. Length: Full details – Title, Date, Time, Location, Organizer, and Note (max 150 words for Note section)
  2. Location of Bordered Featured Workshop and Teleseminar Ads is half-way through the newsletter.
  3. Location  of Text Workshop and Teleseminar Ads is together at the bottom of the e-mail newsletter content, and chronologically by date in the newsletter during the week it occurs. Order of ads at bottom of page is determined solely by frequency of advertising with us. Frequent advertisers get rewarded. Ordering for several issues in advance will help your position.
  4. Limitation. You may place only one ad per issue for any one workshop or teleseminar.
  5. Focus. Our focus is on ads for workshops and teleseminars related to our Business Networking and Marketing and Sales Focus. We MAY consider ads for products with a more diffuse target, but may also turn such ads down. We reject or accept ads according to our own discretion; all decisions are final. We do NOT accept ads for get-rich-quick schemes, gambling, adult sites, or any services paid for by lease.
  6. Honesty. The wording of any offer must be clear and honest.
  7. Single week ad insertions are made on a space-available basis for 75% higher than prorated monthly rates.
  8. Click-Through Rate (CTR) will vary depending upon how targeted your offer is to our audience and how well your ad is written. We do not guarantee the CTR of your ad.
  9. Advance Payment. All ads are paid in advance. Longer-term advertisers may pay monthly on 3-month or longer invoices.
  10. Cancellations. If ads are cancelled before completion of the agreed upon number of ads purchased at discount price, the price for each ad already run reverts to the basic price without any discounts, as follows: Workshop/ teleclass ad $60 per 4 weeks and region, Bordered Featured workshop/ teleclass ad $100 per 4 weeks and region.
  11. We take no more than five Text Workshop, five Teleseminar, five Skyscraper Workshop, and five Skyscraper Teleseminar ads for each issue of (Free Regional Newsletters), so please apply early for the next issue.

Click here to see a workshop example

Click here to see a teleseminar example

Ready to Place a Workshop or Teleseminar Ad?

Please follow these steps:

Step 1: Submit ad for review

Step 2: Wait for Approval of your ad by e-mail or phone

Step 3: Place your Order by credit card order or mail a cheque

Workshop / Seminar Title:
30-Word Description:
Workshop Date:
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