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Business Networking Meetings – Making them work for you!

By Donna Messer

There's no avoiding the “N” word these days. We all know the benefits of business networking - but how well do we practice it, particularly when attending that business meeting involving staff from other sectors of the company. Or those meetings we schedule to really get to know our clients?

Maximizing your time at business networking events takes careful planning. Implementing an action plan guarantees you a successful event.

One of the most important items in your action plan is your appearance. You not only have to look good, you have to feel good. That means the clothes have to be comfortable yet classy. For women, pockets are a must, your business cards are kept in the right pocket, cards you collect are in the left pocket

Do your homework before the meeting. Arm yourself with plenty of business cards and compile a list of key contacts that might be useful.

Business networking is linking resources. Think of business networking as a chain, and each link you add gives you another connection, and that connection can provide another, and another and another. Become part of that chain – it's a business networking resource that can help you reach anyone in your company.

To business network effectively, you must be prepared and that means doing your homework! Before you come to any business meeting, make a list of whom you know and what they know. Think of ways to find common denominators – people like people who are like themselves – take the time to build the rapport between yourself and fellow employees.

7 steps to make that business meeting work for you.

  • Have lots of business cards
  • Work on your handshake, it says a great deal

•  Perfect your infomercial, make it brief, informative and relevant.

  • Arm yourself with questions to make the conversation flow.
  • Set goals, what do you want to accomplish at the meeting?
  • Build Rapport with each person you connect with. Exchange relevant and timely Information. Find ways to help each other.
  • Follow up after the meeting.

Don't know how to perfect your infomercial? Need a few good icebreakers?

Not sure what your goals should be? Visit the ConnectUs website - we've got all you need - look under Gifts at

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