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Choose My Best Life Coach Checklist

By Elizabeth Strange, Strategic Life Coach

Print this and use it during your selection process of a Life Coach. Answer these questions to help you know that you have the best Life Coach for you. In addition, I have provided you with critical indicators to reinforce that when you finally decide on a coach that you know they are the best Life Coach for you.



( check )

•  Is my coach experienced and certified as a Coach?


•  Do they have a coaching designation after their name to show that they have completed coach training? (I.e. CTACC – Coach Training Alliance )?


•  Is their training recognized as an accredited program by the International Coaching Federation ?


•  Do they have a deep and rich diversity of life experience to help me in the area(s) of my life?


•  Will they provide me with a FREE Sample Session so that I can try them before I hire them?


•  Do their core values (i.e. integrity, service to others, etc.) match mine or those I wish to aspire to?


•  Are they a ‘walk-the-talk' person?


•  Does their coaching style offer concrete strategies and ways that I will be able to measure my success over time with them?


•  Will my coach challenge me to consistently do my homework or when I get stuck, in a gentle, supportive way?



During your FREE Sample Session , watch for these indicators….

•  How comfortable do you feel when you speak with the coach

•  Do you feel understood and heard when you are discussing your area of concern

•  Does the coach offer practical strategies or suggestions for you are be able to implement immediately

•  Most importantly, does my intuition tell me that this is the coach for me


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