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Just Talk to the People!


Many entrepreneurs are corporate refugees. All they know is the corporate model.

It's kinda ironic, they choose to leave corporate life to be an entrepreneur and then they fall back on all the boring corporate ways that made them escape from corporate life in the first place!

Things like the corporate way of dressing and the corporate way of speaking and the corporate way of eating lunch alone in the food court unless they are taking a big client out to lunch.

The beauty of being an entrepreneur is that it doesn't have to be that way any more. You're the boss!

There are no rules and even if there are, you can break them. Why? Because you're the boss.

I already told 'ya to lose the Corporate Speak. How can you do that?

Speak to prospects like you are speaking to a good friend. Use simple, direct, colourful language and don't be afraid of humour. Too many entrepreneurs suffer from Professionalitis. Fortunately, it's curable. Just talk to the people!

Even though I teach 'em, I don't get why we have to have courses in public speaking. You've been speaking since you were 2. You were walking since you were 2 also. We don't have courses in Public Walking.

Remember that the corporate guy in the 3-piece suit stops off for a beer on the way home from work just like everyone else. And I guarantee he's not speaking corporate mumbo jumbo to the bartender or to his buddies when he's watching the big game.

If you're preparing a speech and want to test it out, ask a kid. Kids have a natural immunity to professionalitis. Don't use any words with adults that you couldn't use with a 10 year old. Just be yourself!!!

Tip # 3: Just talk to people. You'll connect.

By now, you're probably getting impatient with me. "Tsufit, you've spent 3 mini reports telling us what NOT to do. When do we get to the good stuff?"

Alright already, we'll start talking about what you can do to start attracting in the next segment. But friends, what we've talked about in these first 3 parts, IS the key to the whole story. I believe that in our natural state, we are entertaining and fun and attract naturally. I don't see many boring kids. But we systematically bury our colour. In our next installment, we'll focus on how to find it again.

More on how to do that next time in Tip #4.

Until then...

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