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Color Yourself In


Ever wonder why the telephone companies use frogs and dimes and beavers and geckos in their ads? Why? Because you can't SEE phone service.

We have to learn to create a visual when we speak, so that people can see what we're saying. We can't present ourselves in black and white like in a kid's coloring book. Pick up a crayon or two and color yourself in!

Whenever I say this, someone always asks me, "But Tsufit, what if I don't have any color?"

You do. You just have to find it. Sometimes you have to really dig for it.

A client came to see me a few years ago because she had to give a speech about her Speaker's Bureau to a bunch of professional speakers. She was shaking in her boots (OK, so I'm exaggerating a bit) because she, herself, wasn't a professional speaker and her previous speaking engagements hadn't gone well. She came to me to help her add a bit of colour to an otherwise dry "how to" speech.

When I interviewed her I found out that she had grown up on a tomato farm and that when she was a kid, she helped her dad pick the tomatoes and take them to market.

I said "Isn't that more or less what you're doing now, only with speakers? Picking them and taking them to market."

So we came up with a whole tomato analogy for speakers, how some are still seedlings, some are still green, some are ripe and plump and juicy and ready for market and others are just plain rotten! She did the speech and reported that she had a whole line up of people waiting to speak to her afterwards. She had found her color!

If you can't do it on your own, ask a friend to interview you or hire a coach. Ask yourself questions about what you wanted to be when you were a kid, your hobbies, what's quirky about you, what's unusual--even if it has nothing to do with your business; we'll make those connections later. When I was a lawyer, I used to have a mug that said "Lawyers and Painters Can Turn Black Into White". Now I show people how to turn black and white into color.

Tip #4: Dig deep and find your color.

Next time, in Tip #5, we'll talk about the proper balance of "info" vs. "mercial" in your business networking infomercial.

Until then...Here's what publicist/author Raleigh Pinskey has to say about my upcoming book:

"Step into the Spotlight! is Fresh! Outrageous! And Bang On! How clever of Tsufit to capture the essence of her show business background and apply it to entrepreneurs. What she's brilliantly done is take a show business model and turn it into an entrepreneur's guide to getting noticed. One cannot help but be swept up in Tsufit's enthusiasm for showing the average entrepreneur how to walk onto the business stage and be a star! Buy this book now and watch your star rise."
Raleigh Pinskey, Author, 101 Ways to Promote Yourself

You can have Tsufit as your own personal coach. Ask about Tsufit's one on one telephone coaching sessions. For when you're ready to get noticed!


Tsufit is a coach specializing in helping entrepreneurs and keynote speakers and authors captivate their audiences. To receive all the articles in this series, enter your name at More information on Tsufit at

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