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Find Your Story


Last time, we talked about how the 30 Second Infomercial is really just a mini show. What makes a show interesting? A Story! That's what the business script is missing. The Story.

And everyone's got a story.

A few months ago I was dealing with one of the editors of my book "Step Into The Spotlight!". All of my dealings with Karen so far have been on the phone, but I must admit when we first spoke, I was a little concerned that she might be a bit conservative to connect with my voice. After all, she grew up in Britain and was a member of the Potter's Guild. I misplaced her phone number, so I "googled" her and found a fascinating article she'd written about her year long stint moaning for money as a phone sex operator to repay her student loans.

Everybody's got a story. Find yours and have the courage to tell it.


I already told you about my client who grew up on a tomato farm and used that in her business representing speakers. You might need outside help to find your story. Get a friend to interview you or hire a coach. But finding the story is only the beginning.

The difference between stars and bit players often comes down to finding the courage to tell your story, having the confidence that your audience will find it interesting or entertaining.

But even that's not all it takes. In order to craft a dynamic infomercial that attracts clients in just 30 seconds, you have to connect your story to what you're selling. We'll talk about how to do that next time, in Installment # 10.

So, Tip #9, "Find Your Story".


Next time, in Tip #10, we'll talk about Connecting Your Story To What You're Selling.

Here's what Jay Conrad Levinson, the Father of Guerilla Marketing says about my upcoming book:

"It takes a star to teach a star and it takes a star to want to learn stardom. Tsufit supplies half of what you need. If you can supply the other half, I'll see your name in starlight."
Jay Conrad Levinson, Author, Guerrilla Marketing Series

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Watch for the release of the much anticipated book "Step into the Spotlight!--'Cause ALL Business is Show Business!" It's an Entrepreneur's Guide To Getting Noticed!


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