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Connect Your Story to What You Sell


Last time, we talked about how you have to find your story.
Hopefully you've found yours. If not, take a friend out for lunch and ask that person to interview you, looking for color and stories.

But it's not enough to find your story. In order to craft a dynamic infomercial that attracts clients in just 30 seconds, you have to connect your story to what you're selling.

The Anecdotal Yodel
One of my clients grew up in a 600 year old farmhouse in the Swiss Alps. Cute little blonde kid with braids, the whole bit. She loved to read growing up but it was a long walk down the mountain and back to the village library.

I suggested, “Wouldn't it be cute if we could say your favourite book was Heidi?”

She said, “Tsufit, it was!”

What a coincidence. Cause that was her name too!

But she had never told her story. She had never connected her story to her business, which, coincidentally or not, was making books! We made the connection!

Navigating Rough Waters
Another client, a motivational speaker and business mentor, has a great story. When she first arrived in Canada , in her early 20's, barely speaking English, she was invited to a cottage by a lake with a friend. To make a long scary story short, she got stranded on a little island and decided that if help didn't come soon, she'd swim across the lake for help. Halfway across the lake, she felt she couldn't go on and almost drowned. But she pushed on.

Like that's not enough ("Welcome to Igloo Country"). Not long afterwards, she had an encounter with a mama bear in the Yukon who hadn't yet had her afternoon snack. Great story. Compelling! And yet, she was trying to sell her mentoring without connecting to her story.

I suggested she leverage her story by using it in her infomercials and by giving speeches and writing articles titled "How to Navigate Rough Waters" or "Survivor!" or "10 Lessons I Learned From an Angry Mama Bear and How to Apply Them to Your Business".

Everyone has a story. Find yours and connect it to your business. Show your audience why you are the right person to give them what they're looking for.

So, Tip #10, Connect Your Story to What You're Selling.

Next time, in Tip #11, I'll give you a few examples of infomercials that have brought me clients in just 30 seconds, so you can see how to put all this together.

Here's what Speaking Guru, Dottie Walters, says about my upcoming book:

”Tsufit's book is brilliant! All business IS show business. Don't let Tsufit's entertaining style fool you. This is the real stuff! Every page bursts with wonderful ideas to attract a following. A must read for any entrepreneur, speaker, author or anyone in business! Run, don't walk, to buy a copy of this book!”
Dottie Walters, Author, Speak And Grow Rich

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