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TSUFIT!’s Real Life ‘Mercials


Last time, we talked about how to connect your story to what you're selling. I promised you that this time, I'd give you a few real life examples of infomercials I've used, which have actually attracted new clients in only 30 seconds. Here they are (complete with stage directions in brackets). Note headings do not get read.

Publicity Coach Infomercial
"I get a lot of attention. Maybe not from my husband. Try getting him to put down the remote! But the press notices me. (Hold up recent full page newspaper article about me.) And people stop me all the time, “Hey Tsufit. I saw you on TV last night!"

I'm Tsufit of Follow That Dream! I coach entrepreneurs to get noticed, by the media and by the crowds.
Tsufit, isn't it your turn to get noticed?"
Here's another one...

"Four years ago, my youngest daughter, won the public speaking contest in her school. Three years ago, my oldest daughter, won the pubic speaking contest in her school. Two years ago, my second daughter, won the public speaking contest in her school. And yesterday, my last remaining daughter, the shy one, won the public speaking contest in her school.

I'm Tsufit of Follow That Dream! I'm a public speaking coach. Now, far be it from me to exploit my daughters' accomplishments for my own personal gain. But I think the facts speak for themselves!

Tsufit, For when you're ready, to get noticed!"

I got a few emails after Secret #8 asking for examples of infomercials that worked, so I added the one below recently to Secret #8, but those of you who were past that point didn't get it. Here it is again.

North America 's Comedy Coach Infomercial:
"I have just been named North America 's public speaking coach. (Bow, so audience applauds.) It's a very great honor.

Admittedly, the panel of judges was a little teeny weeny bit small, just me and my mom.

Nah, who am I kiddin'? She doesn't think I'm that good. Pretty much just me. But it's still a great honor.

I'm Tsufit of Follow That Dream! I coach entrepreneurs and keynote speakers to be spectacular every time they open their mouths in public.

Tsufit, for when you're ready to get noticed!"

All of these infomercials attracted new clients, the first time I used them. The last one took me about 60 seconds to write and half of that was securing permission from my daughters to shamelessly exploit their huge accomplishments.

It doesn't have to take long to write a spectacular effective networking infomercial once you understand the principles.

The trick is to get out of your comfort zone, lose the corporate-speak and just be yourself. This you already know.


And in case you think it only works for me, here' s a recent case study. I recently had a new client in the IT industry for whom English was not her first language. She looked and sounded as corporate as they come. After just one session based on the principals you've already read in this series, she wrote her own infomercial and debuted it the following month in front of 80 people. I'm happy to say that her performance garnered her a huge round of applause. She experimented and it paid off. You can too.

OK, enough rah, rah, rah. Go do it!

Now that you know what to do, it's time to take the step into the spotlight and be a star! Send me your stories, what worked, what didn't (together with your full contact info) and who knows, you may find your story in my next book!


Tsufit is a coach specializing in helping entrepreneurs and keynote speakers and authors captivate their audiences. To receive all the articles in this series, enter your name at More information on Tsufit at

c. Tsufit 2006



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