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Job Hunting Tips

By Zale Tabakman

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Profile Pointers

•  Spend lots of time on your profile.

I spend hours on my profile and update it regularly. A simple way to improve is to search for someone similar to you and see how they describe themselves.

•  You profile is an online advertisement

Make your profile sparkle! Make the profile so people WANT to meet with you.

Talk about what you can do for them, not what they can do for you.

Put your e-mail in the profile. Don't worry about spam use your DELETE key.

Network Building Pointers

•  Never EVER Use The Standard Invitation

Customize it so it is reflects your personality. Store the text in a file and copy/paste it.

I have different text for different types of people. Keep improving it.

•  Upload your contact database ASAP

LinkedIn will tell you whom you already know and makes it easy to contact them.

Start inviting those people to join your network today.

•  Send invites to people from your University days

They want to hear from you! Make sure you mention music or a movie from that time.

I mention Bat out Of Hell and Rocky Horror Picture Show. (Showing my age)

•  Have Patience

People take time to reply. And not everyone accesses LinkedIn frequently.

•  Always Say Yes to an invitation

I have said no once that was to Hot Amber. You can always remove a contact.

•  Use the various LinkedIn forums on Yahoo

Start with .
Do a Micro-Introduction and tell them Zale sent you. They know me there.

•  Link to Me

Job Hunting Pointers

•  Contact strangers after your network reaches a 149 people.

This way you will know you have a handle on what is going on.

A hundred and forty-nine people will only take a few days if you work at it.

•  Use the Refine Search for Companies you want to work for

Once you have a contact in the company, then you can start your search in earnest.

•  Connect up with the Recruiters

There a huge number of recruiters on LinkedIn.

Many have their e-mails in their profile. They are always looking for job candidates

•  Sign up to MyJobTiger Tell them Zale sent you.

•  E-mail me a resume and cover letter together in a single PDF file.

I have recruiters who wait for resumes from me.


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