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Business Networking Infomercials

Give your sales a boost the next time you deliver your infomercial by following this Business Fit Tip from Cheryl Rankin of Fit For Business: A personal trainer for all aspects of your company.

What is the purpose of your 1 minute infomercial?

Get a sale for your business – wrong! Can you actually get a sale in one minute? Not even the best salesman can make a sale in one minute. The purpose of your infomercial is to buy more time from your potential customer. Can you get them to talk to you an extra five minutes or book a coffee meeting or book an introduction session?

Infomercials should include some important details about your business:

  1. Your business name
  2. Your name
  3. Your services and products – what can you do for the other person? How can you help the person?
  4. What are the benefits of the services and products? Do you save your customers money? Do you make your customers money? Do you save them time? Do you improve their health?

Whether you are talking to someone or leaving a voicemail, remember to start with the most important information. If you can start your infomercial with a strong introduction you automatically get the attention of your potential customer.

While delivering your infomercial it is important to hold eye contact and watch for a reaction to what you are saying. What words or phrases make a noticeable impression on your potential customer?

Finalize your infomercial with an invitation for them to talk. Now the most important thing is to LISTEN. Listen for hints about what your potential customer needs, then match their needs with the benefits that your products and services can give them. Use this opportunity to plan a follow-up call or meeting. Tell them what you would like them to do and follow-it up with what you plan to do. If you plan to call them in a week, then tell them that.

One more very important detail, be confident. Practice your infomercial! Stand up tall, look at your potential customer and be ready to tell them about your business.

Cheryl Rankin is a business owner and entrepreneur who specializes in assisting small business with sales training, marketing strategies, and business development. Fit for Business, is like hiring “a personnel trainer for all aspects of your company”. Contact Cheryl at 647-287-0320 or





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