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Promote your business, product and service across Canada to tens of thousands of small business owners, business professionals, and entrepreneurs! Your ad will be shown for a full month in all 15 regional issues of and delivered right into the email box of all subscribers every Monday. Also, your ad will appear on the web site in all 15 online versions of the newsletter.

We offer a variety of "text" and "banner" advertising opportunities shown prominently on the left hand side of the newsletter.

Note: We do not accept performance-based ad contracts. For workshops and teleseminars consider text ads.

Banner Type


Canada Wide in regional newsletters

& on web site

(up to 3 months)

Site & all regional newsletters

(1 year contract)

Save 10%


Text Ad

up to 35 characters

Up to 400 characters



Banner Ad

120 x 240



Banner Ad + Text Ad

120 x 240 + text ad as below



Banner Ad Standards

  1. Ad topics are limited to products and services closely related to Business Networking, Marketing and Sales. We don't take ads for "get rich quick" approaches. We reserve the right to reject any ad for any reason, stated or unstated.
  2. The standard prices given in the chart above are for single ads for three months up to a year, served from our site, with direct links to the advertiser's website. It is the responsibility of the advertiser to track these links. This provides the fastest loading of webpages. We take flash ads at standard prices, so long as they are served from our server.
  3. Ads served from a third-party ad server are 20% more than standard prices, since they slow down display of webpages.
  4. Placement of Newsletter Ads is in the left-hand-side and follows the following two guidelines: Larger ads are shown above smaller ads. Then ads from long-term advertisers are shown above ads of the same size from newer advertisers.
  5. Ad file size maximums are 9K.
  6. Ad animation is limited to about 2 seconds only. Ads and color scheme of ads must not be overly distracting from the rest of the page.
  7. Companies may place only one skyscraper ad at a time .
  8. Payment is due in advance of when the advertising appears. Regular advertisers can pay in advance month by month.

If you're interested, please contact us by phone or via email through the contact page.


Examples of Newsletter Ads:

Text Banner
Banner with text
120x240 plus text
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